0081-Naoufal Mohammadi

Minute silence on Huygens College for Naoufal Mohammadi


Monday the Huygens College in the 2nd Constantijn Huygens Street held a minute’s silence for Naoufal Mohammadi (18), who was killed last Friday in a shooting incident in the Ten Kate Street. The school has a room decorated with a commemorative book in which friends and acquaintances can write a message to Naoufal and his family. What led to the shots that killed Mohammadi, also after a weekend investigation is still shrouded in mystery, police reported.¬†Mohammadi won last year ‘proudly’ his VMBO certificate trading and sales on the Huygens College, says team manager of the superstructure Frans Meijer.

Monday morning, the school management has visited all classes of fourth grade, where many students knew Mohammadi. “That was impressive moments. It was very respectful. Students are very upset by what happened.” Meijer: “What happened Friday, we do not exactly know, and it also adds little that does know nothing justifies a death like this..”

“Do not hurt a fly ‘
Facebook mourns Mohammadi’s family to ‘our dear son, brother, uncle and nephew Naoufal. “Naoufal which did not fly evil was always friendly and very loving, helpful and loyal. He hugged his mother and told every day how much he loved her. ” He was like a second father to his nieces nephews. “He played with them, she spared, she soothed to sleep. We can not describe in words how Naoufal and how great is his loss. What we know for sure is that Naoufal nothing to do with the quarrel out of hand. He was curious and started to see what was going on. This has unfortunately become fatal. “

The family wants as quickly as possible perform a death prayer, but Mohammadi’s body was Monday morning still not been released as yet section is performed. A teacher of the Huygens College writes on Facebook that she finds it “heartbreaking” that her former student was shot. “A pupil I have taught with a lot of fun last year, but I had to give now and then a kick in the ass.”

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