Nimwegen coalition seeks support opposition


Coalition Parties Socialists (SP), Green (GroenLinks) and Local (Stadspartij) were also seeking the support of opposition parties for a new city administration. But Elderly People Party (VSP) did not like to broaden the coalition. Wednesday it was announced that the coalition parties SP, GroenLinks and the Stadspartij continue without the Labour Party (PvdA). Instead Elderly People Party (VSP) gets a place in everyday city administration. The new coalition can only count on a majority of one seat.

“Constructive talks’
The coalition parties argued after the resignation of Labour (PvdA) councilor Tankir ‘constructive dialogue’ with opposition parties Freedom & Democracy (VVD), Democrats ’66 (D66) and Christian Democrats (CDA) says Socialists (SP) leader Hans van Hooft in NieuwscafĂ© De Gelderlander Friday. The aim was to investigate whether wanted to deliver one or more parties to support a new city administration. “But the puzzle fit not end,” Van Hooft.

No perspective
Elderly People Party (VSP) saw nothing in cooperation with the opposition parties, according to VSP leader Michel Hulskorte. The substantive differences were too great, according to him.