Stone through window pane bus supporters FC Groningen


A stone is thrown through the window pane of the supporters coach of FC Groningen, last Saturday after the match NEC – FC Groningen That happened at the Boetbergweg in Nimwegen, while the coach was en route from the stadium NEC to the highway A73. The stone was thrown there from the bushes. The police reported that on social media. The perpetrators no trace. When police arrived “the heroes were flown,” police said. A supporter of FC Groningen announced on Twitter that the stone nearly had hit a steward and writes about abrasions. Also, there were reportedly on social media children on the bus. To our knowledge there are no injuries in the incident. The incident gave supporters of FC Groningen next scare too many delays. NEC played Saturday night at the Goffert draw against FC Groningen. The match ended 1-1. The stone that pierced a window of the bus, has caused minor injuries to a FC Groningen steward. That NEC confirmed Sunday. The man ran his injuries by glass fragments. FC Groningen spokesman Richard Elsacker could not indicate Sunday or club action is taken. Monday will likely be clear whether FC Groningen’s declaration. The incident took place shortly after the league NEC FC Groningen (1-1). The coach was carrying about 40 passengers, including children, and was just on my way home. “We have immediately gone to the incident,” said police officer and supervisor supporters Brugt Pepper. “We have looked for possible offenders in the area, but we have not seen.” Whether the stone thrower is from the NEC camp, is not known. “I know that the culprit had to throw a large rock. Otherwise you do not get broken which double glazed windows of the bus.” The police had the perpetrator(s) of this action Sunday evening failed to find. The NEC supporters club has immediately condemned the action. The Nijmegen club leaders condemned the incident. “NEC has noted with disgust the cover withstands a supportersbus FC Groningen,” says the club’s website. “We think it’s terrible that the FC Groningen fans that have to go through. After the game is one of the two supporters coach a few kilometers from the stadium pelted with a stone while the buses were escorted by police towards the motorway. a large side window was killed and one flight attendant suffered minor injuries. the bus could not drive any further and the startled crowd collected at the police station where NEC and NEC supporters club were present. There is a replacement bus regularly and just after midnight the fans were traveling to Groningen again. “

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