Centre Nimwegen bottleneck full of annoyances to motorists


 Road users in Nimwegen disturbed by the many traffic lights in the center, so they often have to stop (too) much. Other major annoyances: the provincial road to Arnheim (N325) and Bankhoef (near Wijchen) are overloaded, so motorists are regularly stuck in traffic. This appears to map from one of the AA report, which members asked the door-to-door delay. 4,000 road users participated in the survey.

Thursday the traffic organization presented its findings, including a list of the 100 biggest traffic bottlenecks in the Netherlands. The report underlines once more that the green wave – a drive-on zone where motorists do not always stand at a red light – failed in Nimwegen.

With the arrival of the town bridge “Oversteek”, two years ago, Nimwegen hoped that the flow of traffic in the city would be smoother. Research from the province of Gelderland revealed this summer that the new city bridge barely has a positive effect on the traffic situation in the city. The AA survey Nimwegen is the only place in England where the city emerges as a traffic bottleneck.

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