State visit-NL to AU

Queen Máxima buys for a large amount in an Australian store, King advises

03Between the obligatory visits to the Australian cities this week, Queen Maxima has found time to shop a in an Australian store. With the King at her side, Máxima gave a power of the Australian fashion brand Zimmermann and they ran after one and a half hours shopping the shop with design and swimwear.Usually they listened to him, but not always 🙂 According to the Australian newspaper The West Australian played King Willem-Alexander a significant role in the choice of five items, which cost 3,500 Australian dollars. The king from a bank near Máxima’s locker room briefly commented on what attracted his charming wife. ,,They came out and all he said was a brief “Yes. No. Yes. No. ” ‘says Zimmermann saleswoman Romy Paparone (23), but the royal couple did not recognize it “an immense honor” was to receive the high visiting from the Netherlands. According Paparone Maxima took off the fashion advice and to seriously. ,, Mostly, they listened to him, but not always. ”

When the royal Sunday the store, which is part of the shopping mall Claremont Quarter in a suburb of Perth, walking into, there were no other visitors inside. Paparone thought to enjoy a good start to the day when she noticed that Máxima easily grabbed clothes from the shelves. ,, They gave looking to be in bathing suits because they often visit Greece (the royal couple has a villa in the town of Kranidi, ed.). ” The choice finally fell on a silk jumpsuit with print, silk organza blouse and Italian swimsuits, a cotton sarong and airy silk dress with lace occupation; the latter three with the same mustard floral print. Paparone took our queen very friendly. ,, She thanked for the service and was very relaxed about it. ” The label Zimmermann was founded in 1991 by sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann. Their creations are considered welcome items on the New York catwalks.

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