Students want even before 03:30PM beer on campus


As far as students of the Radboud University Nimwegen, is now at 03:30PM already tapped beer on campus. At this moment the faucet in the Culture, the student bar on campus, only to open that time. And that is patronizing, says Timo Bakrin. On behalf of the B.O.S. Nimwegen, the umbrella organization for the six largest Nimwegen student associations, he is in the university student and he wants the university administration request to reconsider the measure. Students are indeed wise enough alcohol to cope, he tells students Vox magazine: “We’re all adults. We can vote in the parliamentary elections and to choose which study we want to do – one of the most important decisions of your life – but we can not choose when we drink a beer. I find that absurd. “

Bakrin wants the “beer time slot” is brought forward to 01:00PM. Although he can count on support from the entire student council, it is still questionable whether the administration of the university also shares his opinion.

Since the opening of the Culture, in 1996, beer is a matter of debate on campus. Four years ago, said the administration has for the last explicit on the matter: “No beer will be donated to four. That does not change. If there is something changed, then it will be later rather than sooner.”

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