Man jumps not of Waalbrug due to fear for drowning.


The 51-year-old Dutchman which on Tuesday stood above the Waal Bridge, jumped not from the bow, because he was afraid to die drowning. He was under the influence of alcohol. The man had climbed on the bridge in confused state with the idea of putting an end to his life. When police and firefighters arrived balanced man already on top of the 65 meter high arch. The Waal Bridge was closed on both sides for all traffic.

Personal problems
The Dutchman dropped by persuading agents to come down. He is placed under custody of the crisis service. The Nijmegen, which is struggling with various personal problems, known to aid workers. The man gave a lot of consternation because he was in the 65-meter high bridge arch. Fire, ambulance and police put large, and closed the bridge to traffic. Cyclists and cars therefore could not the city or off.

Crisis Service
An hour later the man was safely back down after officers had been talking to him. He was taken by police to the office, where guidance is arranged for him. The crisis service has caught the Nijmegen today and talk further with the man. It is still unclear why the man had previously been standing on the evening of the 65 meter high arch of the Waal Bridge. He was taken to the police station, where further guidance is arranged for him. The fire department came up with a platform and a fireboat site. The police and ambulance were present. The bridge was closed off on both sides for traffic. Both bicycles and cars were not on the bridge.

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