Panorama railway

02Getting in on the red carpet, a warm welcome from our hosts and drive through the varied Dutch landscape while enjoying a superb dinner: romantic can hardly. We hold a table for free in our stylish train, where you will be welcomed with an appetizer of the house as a celebration of an evening train and eat. During the 2:45 hour train trip through the Randstad and the Green Heart prepares our cook dinner live on board and you will be on your beck and call our friendly staff. Panorama Rail Restaurant is definitely the tastiest train in the Netherlands!

Lovely evening! Atmospheric and cozy. Delicious eaten.

Once the majestic, 65-year-old locomotive Panorama Rail Restaurant under the hood of Amsterdam Central Station looming, all eyes are on the special and elegant train. The locomotive and carriages all have a distinctive history in the Dutch and European rail network. We’ll tell you more about the history of the trains and the emergence of the Panorama Rail Restaurant.

04Dining cars

A restaurant or bistro in the train was once very common, but is still rare. In the sixties and seventies of the last century many international trains experienced a restoration. For this special carriages were decorated with over sixty carriages pulled in under the name “Grill Express” from France Europe. Seven cars came to the Netherlands and to the turn of the century were used by NS on many international lines. Belgium, France and later Portugal were home bases for the Express Gril, who came from their depots in Switzerland and Italy. With the demise of many long-distance connections also finished the regular bet turn of the century.

03Two carriages, with the numbers 022-9 and 027-8, with rail Promo started a new future. In 2014 the trains were acquired after years of minimal effort and renovated in Germany. Bogies and rigging were completely disassembled and overhauled to the highest standards. The interior has been refurbished, while the old parquet floor again could be restored. The kitchens with ovens and hob, again were put into operation and form during the ride with Panorama Rail Restaurant workplace Julius Jaspers and his team of Julius Bar & Grill.


05Locomotive E 1200

Pull Rail Panorama Restaurant is now over 65 years old locomotive of the former NS Series E 1200. They were 65 assembled back in the Netherlands on the American model with thick steel. The bogies coming directly from America. Netherlands got this locomotive from the Marshall Plan provided for the reconstruction after World War II. Despite their age has the imposing machine with a capacity of over 3,000 horsepower and weighing 108 tons is still a maximum speed of 140 kilometers per hour. In total, the Dutch Railways possessed 25 such locomotives. At the beginning of this century, a small number of demolition was saved, after which she started a second life to the first private railway for freight trains in the Netherlands. After various wanderings ended our locomotive depot in Blerick, where our support in peace could be working on the new youth. while the locomotive was given back its original train number 1215 again. The color scheme of our locomotive establishes a clear link with this American history. The tricolor livery is based on the structure of New Haven, a renowned operator in the United States. By orange New Haven to exchange for the characteristic blue of Rail Promo was a tough color scheme that reflects the indestructibility and history of this train.

06Lord Mayor of Amsterdam, Mr Eberhard Van der Laan baptized 1215 the name “City of Amsterdam” on March 23, 2016. This Rail Promo brings not only a historic locomotive on the track for Panorama Rail Restaurant, but also restores an old tradition where locomotives were decorated with a city arms. After the voyage the engineers of our train open the door to their cabin for you. They tell you more about the history, explain the indestructible technology and let you sit in the driver’s seat.

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