Miss Meghan-US/UK

Suits babe Meghan Markle has captured heart Prince Harry’ – Prince Harry, the American actress Meghan Markle beaten on the hook, report various English media. Markle was the prince last May in Toronto met at the launch of the Invictus Games, a competition for veterans where Prince Harry is the creator of. The brother of Crown Prince William, according to an insider ‘madly in love’ to the brunette. The English prince would be happier, according to the insider, he’s been in years. ,, They enjoy each other’s company and you can say that they see each other very much. There is a clear chemistry between them.’ Kensington Palace give to US Weekly to say anything about the possible new girlfriend of Prince Harry. “We do not respond to stories about private matters.” What is striking is that the American head last summer on vacation in London.

Love for charities – Meghan Markle (35) is known as the handsome lawyer actress Rachel Zane plays in the popular series Suits. Previously played the US, with Irish and Dutch roots, the film A Lot Like Love and Remember Me.

In addition to her acting work, the brunette much for charity. That love for volunteering she shares with three years younger Prince Harry. So the prince last summer for three weeks in the African Malawi to move over 250 elephants to a sanctuary for wildlife. Markle was also last year in Africa for humanitarian work. For UN Women, she visited a refugee camp in Rwanda, and they spoke with several women parliamentarians.

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