HM Máxima-NL

British newspaper raved about outfit Queen Maxima


The British newspaper Daily Mail is extremely enthusiastic about the clothing choice of Queen Máxima yesterday on a working visit in Almelo. In an extensive article full of pictures hitting the royalty reporter not stop talking about the tasteful style of the queen. That color choice! Those earrings! How the jacket stylish carries over one shoulder! British journalist Siofra Máxima Brennan calls the style savvy monarch “: the style conscious monarch. She praises Maxima’s love of color and how she combines colors: “She went to the extreme with its enthusiasm for combinations.” According Maxima connoisseur Josine Droogendijk wore the queen a dress and jacket designer Edouard Vermeulen and was the hat of Fabienne Delvigne. Thursday the color combination was a blue dress with a mustard yellow belt, handbag and turban. That headgear Daily Mail can appreciate from the 20s. Somewhat wryly journalist notes that King Willem-Alexander what “sober” was dressed in the visit. He wore a dark suit with white shirt and light blue tie. King caught his gallant wife when her high heels gave her problems in the forest. The British newspaper praised the Queen earlier this week even though her fashion choices. When the reporter praised the brown coat that Maxima’s ‘slim figure’ perfect. According to journalist Brennan is the Dutch monarch is one of the most zealous European royals.


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