Black Fox-NL

Eating between the slabs of meat at The Black Fox03

The Black Fox Nimwegen choose meat and let that show. Ellen Willems eat this week about the Tongue at the new meat restaurant in town. The window is a meat processing unit and in the display case are dry aged burgers, homemade salami and rumpsteaks. It looks like you can buy a butcher shop where your meat, and that it is next to a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you walk in, you stand next to the butcher’s display case and look at the back with three ripe closets full of meat. The back of the bar is a white tiled wall with six taps.

It is not a place where you are going to a romantic dinner. For that denotes something much between the pieces of meat. But if you want to eat a really good steak and want to drink a nice glass of beer or whiskey, with extremely pleasant staff, you may be fine up here.

Kelfkensbos 32, 6511 TB Nijmegen, 024 – 2020915,



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