0073 – Nijmegen

‘Nimwegen remains the eldest city in the Netherlands’


02Nimwegen can safely remain as the eldest city in the Netherlands. That says Jan Thijssen, the former city archaeologist almost 30 years in the Nimwegen bottom delved into the past. In Limburg a great excitement arose among archaeologists about the results of new research into the age of the Roman bathhouse that has previously been exposed in Heerlen. Much older than thought. The complex dates almost certainly from the beginning of the first century, was adopted. This makes it much older than previously thought. Heerlen archaeo-logists now say that the city Coriovallum (Heerlen) is over 2,000 years old.The latter reopened the debate in Limburg about who can call itself the oldest town. Not Nijmegen, not Maastricht, Heerlen, but thus the oldest?” Limburg chauvinism ‘Titus Panhuysen, the former Maastricht city archaeologist, speaks of Limburg chauvinism. For him is certain: Nimwegen is the oldest. The evidence he gave himself in 2002 after investigation of a 2000 year old gods pillar. A monument in honor of Emperor Tiberius.Neither Heerlen or Maastricht has such a monument. They were never an independent Roman city, he says.