Daphne Verlinden: with friends in the band bus


Daphne Verlinden (31, Valburg) is bassist and founder of the Nimwegen all-female band Bootleg Betty. Tonight the quintet in Arnhem.
“Especially our guitarist Imke is a fan of Eilen Jewell, so it’s super cool that we stand tonight in Luxor Live in her program. I like myself a lot of old rock ‘n’ roll and rockabilly. I like to seek out cool songs of yesteryear, such as Janis Martin, Lavern Baker, Brenda Lee and Bunny Paul, then having to make play lists of like I made cassette tapes used or burned CDs. Wanda Jackson is a great heroine of all band members. We have not written anything for the song A song called Wanda. And the good thing is that at one time expressed its appreciation for us on Twitter. We could hardly believe it and twittered to the manager whether they had written themselves really and truly listened to our music, and that was that. That was one of the best days of my life. ”


“I live in Valburg, since February last year because my friend already lived there. But I often go back to Nijmegen. Shopping, nightlife, watch straps. And I have many friends live. It feels different. Now I’m going from the village to the big city, while it previously was just the place where I lived. I think it’s nice to live quietly in Valburg. But if you once eat out in Nijmegen and you want to drink a beer, you do have to stand still this is the last bus at 18.15. ”

“I also do entertainment especially in Nijmegen. For example, with the girls from the band, because we are just good friends. We usually go to Dollars, good sing along with bad covers. And of course there is a good house band, with much emphasis on the bass, so I think anyways nice. Furthermore Nijmegen has many good brewpubs and you can watch straps Sleeping Beauty. ”

“I love going to festivals such as Lowlands, Pinkpop and Sziget. But the little things that are organized in Nijmegen, as Billy in Bottendaal and Kids & Billies. It is especially nice that you can walk around at festivals, as you look at a band and can scroll back to the next band. That’s my way of entertainment. And it is quite fun to play himself at a festival. We have done quite a lot, lately. was one of our dreams to be on the Black Cross and they succeeded. Furthermore, we played in Nijmegen on the De-Affaire, ‘t Eiland and Kids & Billies. For me personally play Paaspop best. We came on stage and saw that great gift tent full of people and thought, “Okay, this is exciting! Good focus, this should go well, we have to play well. ” But it was quite tasty. The sound was fine, and the crowd was super excited. And then we also have partied all night all together. ”

Men’s Parties
“We come up with the band the most crazy places. often in typically male parties, such as the Harley-David Sondag in Bornerbroek. According see me on the picture that we have five women and think “let’s see”, without having heard us. I hope we are asked simply in most cases for our music. You can get very far with laughter dresses and eye-liner and love, but we are all well past that point. We want to be appreciated as a musician. ”

Band bus
“A performance is also a kind of entertainment. You’re on the road with four of your friends. My friend also often goes with it. My favorite part is when we hire a bus. He often rides, and he always says, “It’s like driving around a chicken coop.” Loud singing and shouting, we always have great fun all together. moreover, we are still looking for their own band bus. We are always jealous when we see other bands with their tough coaches while we arrive crammed with cars. ”

“I love performing with the band, but wherever I am super happy, is to make music around a campfire. I can do the whole long evening. Guitar let go around. making music together, it connects. Anyways making music is something that does something special with me, I can totally go on. ”

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