Male celebs who have adopted the lumbersexual look




s3In the early ’00s everyone was buzzing about metrosexual guys. You know, the guy who didn’t have to borrow your eye cream because he owned a whole medicine cabinet full of his own. Well, that guy has now slapped on a flannel and is probably chopping down a tree in a forest while smelling like 1950s pine trees and he’s being called a lumbersexual [via GearJunkie.  According to GearJunkie, he’s still hanging at bars when he’s not wielding an axe and he still looks good while doing it, but grooming is no longer a priority. He dresses like the Bounty paper towel guy if that guy carried a backpack and opens his beer with a Buck knife because that is a thing he owns, and all his photos look as old-timey as he does. Whenever you suggest a quick Ikea trip for a new dresser, he jumps in and volunteers to build you one and next thing you know, nine months later, you have a new dresser. You go to the grocery store to pick up basil and he says, “No need. I’m growing my own.” You go hiking and try to pack Power Bars but he tells you he already knows where the nearest patch of wild blackberries is. His beard looks long, bushy, and unkempt because he hasn’t looked in a mirror in months. You know why? Because mirrors aren’t found in nature. Chances are if you’re reading this right now, you already know you’re dating a lumbersexual. And you know what? Good for you. A LUMBERSEXUAL OR URBAN LUMBERJACK IS A MAN WHO HAS ADOPTED STYLE TRAITS TYPICAL OF A TRADITIONAL LUMBERJACK, NAMELY A BEARD, PLAID SHIRT, AND SCRUFFY HAIR, SUBSTITUTING OTHERWISE CLEAN-CUT AND FASHIONABLE STYLE CHOICES. DENVER NICKS DESCRIBED THE TREND AS PERHAPS AN ATTEMPT TO “RECLAIM MASCULINITY”


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