Mega umbrella-NL

Waiting for the bus under a huge umbrella in Wijchen


WIJCHEN – Most shelters do not fall on. But which the Master Cooth Avenue in Wijchen. However, since this week a shelter in the form of an umbrella. On the handle you can sit. Until recently traveler could not shelter during a rainstorm, because missing the bus shelter.

It was an employee of the municipality Wijchen who came up with the idea to put an umbrella. Such a bus shelter had seen abroad. That is something for Wijchen, she thought. Her colleagues were enthusiastic.

So the Mountain Harense welding company Mulders turned on. There’s idea to the official umbrella designed and made. “Those are the fun jobs”, says Giel Mulders. With his son, he runs the company. It is the second bus shelter that they account for. For the municipality Druten they made last year a vandal-proof specimen, consisting of a steel cage with boulders. And that was no coincidence: in 2014 were more than fifty Drutense bus shelters vandalized. hence the township rural leader. Mulders: “Our shelter does seem idiot-proof. The box has not yet been destroyed. “

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