Bullied transsexual Nadiliya dares not go to school

tr1After years of bullying is the last straw for Nadiliya Rozenstein (27) from Arnheim. They no longer go to school and did return this week against two fellow students. “I’m transsexual, which to some apparently a big problem.” Arnheim, who studies at the Rijn IJssel College, is since a few weeks at home. “Every day it was hit. They tease me, call me by my boy name. Make secret videos of me on their phones, which they then distribute to their friends. Lots going behind my back. I bite off me, but do not have the energy to go again confront them every time. ”

Tuesday she did press charges against two bullies to the police.

Daan Huisman, team leader at the Rijn IJssel, is aware of the problems. “I regularly talk about this with Nadiliya. And still the door open for her. It’s a great girl, but one who feels quickly addressed and responds emotionally. “

Huisman stressed that he bullies but what wants to address: “In extreme cases we can even proceed to expulsion from school. But we need to have a concrete clue. The accusations are always hearsay. We can not do much with it. “

An offer from the Rijn IJssel to complete the training from home has Nadiliya being beaten by hand, “Then I might as well go home to do a course at the LOI. It feels like I’m banned, purely for who I am out of school. That hurts a lot. “

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