HRH George-UK

Why Prince George has always shorts

g3It’s a match made in heaven: Prince George and his shorts. The British prince is almost not to see one photo without his royal bare knees are displayed to the outside world. Only during the annual skiing holiday is the blonde toddler in the picture put in a long (ski) pants. Why the stee solid shorts? Wearing shorts in young boys is tradition in the British upper class. You see the shorts back too neatly boarding schools, where many school uniforms for boys and eight years consist of knee socks, shorts, shirt and spencer, or jacket. William Hanson, a British expert in etiquette, tells against the British tabloid People Magazine: ,,In high society, it is not done the boys wear long trousers. It ‘does not belong’. Kate will always make sure that she dresses her children as the unwritten rule prescribes.”


In the Netherlands, it is not common for boys in all seasons running in shorts, light Beatrijs Ritsema – expert in the field of (contemporary) etiquette – increasing. ,,Earlier, around the 18th century, were boys in the class up to a five or six in long dresses to the floor. The reason for this was mainly in the belief that boys were more likely to die early. By dressing her as a girl, was hoped to reduce the chance of death.” In old England the boys were used in dresses, says Wil-liam. This tradition dates back to the sixteenth century, when boys were the first years of their lives wearing a dress and then “with age” were transferred to trousers. The dress would gradually be replaced by shorts.

g2Balance sheet
Kate must therefore beside her own outfit, also worry about how Prince George and Princess Charlotte run it. They must continually looking for the right balance between royal traditions, heritage, fashion and the right connection with the ‘working class’, which indeed it is simply customary to dress boys in long pants. ,,And that is not always easy, but Kate knows himself well how it should be.” She probably has nothing accustomed. Big chance that her brother James used to be invariably ran in shorts, like her current husband and brother Prince William and Prince Harry. Too few of them are childhood photos that identifies them as a little man wear long trousers. Winter or not, Prince George is seen in shorts, often combined with a pair of high stockings, and often with neat black shoes with buckle. For his sister Charlotte are less obvious fashion advice, but it is not often seen in trousers. The little princess has so far published pictures almost always a dress with a thick, often white, leotard.

Kate impresses Netherlands: What a woman!

At her first official trip abroad without her husband, Prince William, Princess Catherine had a magical effect on the Dutch public. Zarkis with flowers for Catherine – until her marriage with Prince William she was called Kate Middleton, now she is best known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge at home. ,, I work in the fashion world, find her a style icon and wants her therefore offer these flowers. As Máxima her I managed in the same place. “” In his left hand he has a black bag. ,, That’s something for me. ”

Hague comes to a halt before the woman ever by Britain’s queen. Traffic must wait until her BMW with personal standard has long raged, set off lunch with King Willem-Alexander Villa Eikenhorst to the Mauritshuis. An hour is not working at Parliament Buildings. The staff of Mark Rutte’s Ministry of General Affairs hangs from the windows. MPs and their staff as well.


And there is silence as she strides out of her car at the Mauritshuis, the clicking of dozens of accompanying persons after British photographers. Observation one: what is it thin, especially in this classic, violet two-piece suit. Number two: what a nice detail that earrings with pearl – just today. In the Mauritshuis viewing the art historian two minutes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. Museum director Emilie Gordenker even wearing a pearl in her ears. ,, No, for I have had no contact with the British court. Monday I only inquired how big it is, if I could wear my heels. ”

They get along well together, these two art love esters. They laugh out loud at the tour and Catherine depart later than planned. While her consequence flips impatiently from heels to toes, the Duchess still talking nineteen to the dozen with Gordenker about her thesis. Martina Zarkis outside and wait. They at ‘something big, whatever, “he when he can hand over his bouquets. And it works, just before her departure. From the black bag he fishes rapidly a handbag designed by himself, his Celez brand. That’s where it was really to do with the flowers he lured her only. Triumphantly: ,, So it is managed by Máxima ‘. Later chews royalty fan Arno sulking in a syrup and on liquorice allsorts. He has taken a day off as a floor manager at a clothing store for Catherine Rotterdam to hand over two nuggets for her children. ,, But she was not on my side. Well, I’m still more than Maxima with her. He trains and metroot to Rotterdam, where the duchess in disadvantaged neighborhood Bospolder-Tussendijken her first official foreign visit without husband terminating at a youth project. Arno himself forward press and sinks through the stool he brought. But, as so often in tales with princesses, all will be well. At her farewell she certainly talks a minute with him. ,, I’m sorry I did not see in The Hague ” Arno, moments later, slightly emotional:. ,, I am really impressed with her. What a woman!”

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