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‘D66-crown prince’ Paternotte wants to The Hague


Jan Paternotte, leader of D66 in the Amsterdam City Council, the wants to go to the House of Commons. He comes to the upcoming parliamentary elections high on the electoral list of the party. Paternotte is considered talent within the party, and is often referred to as the intended successor party leader Alexander Pechtold. In recent years led Paternotte (32) the Amsterdam branch of the party, but he is ready for the next step, he said today in an interview with this newspaper.
,, I find that I want to do after eleven years on the board against things we ramp in municipalities, but not allowed in The Hague. From day one give language lessons to refugees by professional teachers. Or look at education through which you can nearly impossible to start a new rural school rules. The money is distributed in The Hague, many educational policy is made. If you want to do something there, you have to be in The Hague. ”

Incidentally Paternotte wants to know nothing about him as a protégé of true Pechtold. ,,Such qualification is especially nice for my parents. I must once again get into The Hague and then for four years doing my job.” The exact spot on the list of Paternotte has yet to be determined, but the general expectation is that he will be placed on one of the first ten places of the electoral list.

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