Blonde d’Aquitaine – farming

Stan Bruijsten (23) is a student at Arnheim University. He is the son of a farmer (pigs). He owns 20 cows, and runs his farm pure biological. After 6 years in the meadows of Stan the cows go to the butcher. His only goal is: to give the best quality of meat. More details on his website and facebook (both in Dutch 🙂 Mail – Phone: +31 6 3737 4936; Sources: De Gelderlander / Website: Copyright © Stan Bruijsten Vleesvee 2015


Blonde d’Aquitaine: a light-colored animal with often slightly bent downwards round horns. It is a breed from the southwest of France, that is characterized by a balanced structure of the strong body. It is a beautiful cow in the landscape. They provide lean meat.