Travel for free

Stretch 1: by IC train

  • Nimwegen – Arnheim – Utrecht – Amsterdam CS

Stretch 2: by metro

  • Amsterdam CS – Amsterdam World Trade Center

Stretch 3: by commuter train

  • Amsterdam World Trade Center – Schiphol Airport

Stretch 4: by IC train:

  • Schiphol Airport – Almere – Lelystad – Zwolle – Leeuwarden

Stretch 5: by commuter train

  • Leeuwarden – Groningen

Stretch 6: by IC train

  • Groningen – Assen – Zwolle

Stretch 7: by IC train

  • Zwolle – Deventer – Arnheim – Nimwegen


Departure: 09:05AM   Return 09:42PM

If you are 65 years or older, you can get a 32% discount on railway tickets provided by the national railway company. Included are 7 free days travel throughout the Netherlands and a discount on international railway tickets. There are some rules:

  • departure not before 09:00 AM morning rush hours;
  • free travel not valid on Mondays and Fridays, because of the large number of business travellers as well as students;
  • 09:00 AM rule not valid on Saturdays and Sundays, when you can start your journey very early and return very late.













At the time in my youth, that it was still an orphanage, I came often in this institution. There was a very impressive part of this complex, where all the people who financed the institution came together, dined, and even could sleep comfortably. The housing of the real orphans was much less distinguished 😦😦😦 After the closing of the orphanage, it became an institution for young criminals (Het Poortje / The gate). The left door was our front door; we lived on the first floor (see above): the utmost left window was the bathroom, followed by 4 windows of the living room; my father had his office in the utmost right part, the 3 windows. The bedrooms were on the second and third floor. At the time that there was a youth prison behind my Mum’s kitchen, she was confronted often by escaping youths 😦🙂 As I asked yesterday, this house is now a complex for student apartments.

“HET POORTJE” / “THE GATE”183900000000Groningen~Rode Weeshuisstraat


Drawing from 1839, where a part of our house is still visible.





Picture from July 27, 2016201607271832vrijreizen













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