0026-Walk of the World

Walk of the World edition #100

Day 4 – Thunderstorms on Friday morning.


NIMWEGEN – Weather team of the Marches put themselves together for an emergency meeting. During the conversation discussed whether measures should be taken for the runners. What are the measures which can be taken, a spokesman could not say. “But then you’re also about what we should do to catch the runners so that they do not get hypothermia.”

King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands crosses with the Walk of the World hikers the pontoon bridge in Cuijk.


CUIJK – King Willem-Alexander plunged Friday in the early afternoon unexpectedly during the marches Transit in Cuijk. He ran a piece with the walkers along the river Maas in Cuijk and he even walked along the pontoon bridge to Middelaar. The mayors Wim Hillenaar (Cuijk) and Willem Gradisen (Mook and Middelaar) accompanied the king, and the commissioners of the King of Brabant and Limburg. Besides mayors also accompanied march leader Johan Willem Stein King.

Pontoon bridge

On Cuijk side the King in front of other guests gave a short toast. Then he walked among the walkers through the pontoon bridge over the Meuse, Cuijk to Mid- delaar. Willem-Alexander said during transit in Cuijk briefly with the media rushed. “I wanted to enjoy myself a part of this wonderful event by just walking along. We can offer this event to the world, for the 100th time even, is unique. Here we can really be proud of. I am also very proud of the organization of the Marches, with all those volunteers.” The king took the opportunity to congratulate all the walkers. He speaks of the region as “a beautiful piece of the Netherlands.

King Willem-Alexander on entry Marches in Nimwegen.


NIMWEGEN – It is a huge craze at the entrance of the Marches when King Willem-Alexander has arrived. Many hikers wanted the king, who was standing beside the trail, give a hand with him in the picture. That caused a traffic jam on the Via Gladiola. Also, people who were already on the Wedren, walk back to catch a glimpse of Prince Willem-Alexander. The king is accompanied by a huge team of police officers. To make the jam smaller has been the king toward the grandstand. The organization of the marches calling participants especially by continuing to walk. Jos van veghel (60) Veghel feels like a king. She managed to shake the hand of Willem-Alexander. “Wow! And I’m just along for the spiritualized time. What an honour!” She feels especially connected with the king. “We have the same birthday. He is so handsome.” The king is like honey for hikers. Once they perceive Willem-Alexander on the grandstand they walk toward the king. There may be a terrorist threat and the security people are visible in the highest state of readiness; The king is accessible as never before. He waves and smiles. Sometimes he walks down and press hands as a pop star. Hikers feel honored. “Stunning he comes to congratulate us.” For a little after half past two, the weather is something more common: the king has left.

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