0012 – Royalty

HRH Harry

Prince Harry continued his programme of supporting projects that promote sport as a means for social development when he visited three community-based sports organisations for young people in Wigan. The visits gave Prince Harry a further insight into some of the great work is taking place around the country by community groups, who are developing the life chances of at-risk young people through sports and leisure activities. Two of the organisations he visited are supported by Sported, one of the leading Sport for Development Charities in the UK that specialises in supporting the growth and sustainability of community sport clubs. The first visit of the day was to Cast North West which was created in 2006 to provide a venue where angling can be used as a tool to enhance the employability and educational opportunities of disadvantaged young people, many of whom have faced severe personal challenges and who have been hard to reach at school or at home. The organisation was created by Mr. Neil Farnworth, who previously sat on the local restorative justice referral panel for youth offenders. Through Cast North West, he is able to provide a way to support young people who are at risk of falling out of education, training or employment. Prince Harry toured the UK’s first indoor angling centre, complete with stocked ponds, classrooms and a canteen, and met some of the young people supported by the centre. The site has now expanded to include a fisheries and agriculture social enterprise, as well as educational facilities, through which young people can gain qualifications and work experience.