1d. Stewart-Wilson 2019


Today: Lady Mary in Bonaire. She did not know that the Netherlands had also overseas colonies, like Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçau, St Maarten, Saba and St Eustatius…


And here Lady Mary in formal dinner outfit, with my bridge teachers Carol and Terry, during the worldcruise 2016.


Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson is on cruise again; this time not on the beloved Black Watch, but on the largest ship of Fred Olsen Cruise Lines: the Balmoral.


Southampton – Atlantic Ocean – South America – Mexico – Panama Channel – United States – Panama Channel – Atlantic Ocean – Southampton.

The Balmoral departed on 19 January and will arrive 22 March.

She encountered some well known faces / friends:

Left to right: Lady Mary with choir master Margaret Rae from Edinbourgh.

Left to right: Lady Mary with Assistant Maître d’H Ramil, in 2010 a waiter in the Observatory Lounge of the Black Watch.

As the Wi-fi on the vessels is expensive, slow and of an inferior quality, Mary has to work with her mobile phone when she has a stop or overnight. So pictures are sparse this time, and stops / overnights depending. The first stop was -after four days sailing- in Madeira. Here Mary at lunch in Funchal (Madeira), on 23 January: