1a. Stewart-Wilson 2016

Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 10

Note: all times are in GMT + 1 (Netherlands)

e2a1There is a time to say “goodbey”. And that day was there.  After all, Mary was released from the eye shield, and dripping her eye she could do herself.

    • 09.00am alarm on my phone; getting downstairs to make the groundfllor look daylight friendly, and making preparations for the last breakfast on English soil;
    • 10.00am going upstairs to wake Mary and drip her eye. her Kellogs were waiting downstairs;
    • Mary had insisted to do a second laundry for me, so packing was easy as nearly everything was clean;
  • Computer, cables, plugs, converters, toilet articles  and a lot of Xmas cards to be packed in the large computer case (cabin luggage;
  • 13.55pm Private hired car is there, 2 hours prior to departure of flight BE1533


At 15.25pm sharp embarkation starts;

16.00pm airborne.


16.34pm halfway over the English Channel;


Arrival estimated at 17:00pm + 15 minutes of taxing to the gate (H-section).

17.02pm touch-down at Amsterdam.

The first direct train to Nimwegen was at 18.01pm from Schiphol But due to works on the railnet lasting all the weekend till Monday 06.00am the train would go to Arnheim. From there by fast bus transfer to Nijmegen CS, where Pierre would be waiting.





Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 9

Mary is so kind to prevent me going home with a filled laundry bag. So, she did last Monday a wash and this morning a second batch went in the fabulous wash&dry machine. At 12.30PM we had a lunch appointment with Kay Cairns, a lady whom we met at the dinner with Joan. Kay -and Joan- live both very near Mary’s former house, “The Old Brewery” at Queens Square.


Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 8


e2At 8AM I went over to Mary to remove the eye shield, drip her eye; all because of an early appointment at 9AM at the hairdresser and some village errands. After the ‘medical’ duties I went back to bed, because after a week of taking care I was rather exhausted. A  fresh home-made courgette soup was served at 1.30PM on the bed, with Somerset cream , portwine and cheddar cheese.


There was time till 05:00PM as Mary was giving a farewell dinner for me @ Brazz in Taunton with Nick and Sarah Evelyn.


Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 7

Deadline excursions D1702.









Date: From Tuesday, 6th December to 2016 Saturday, 12th December. Time: 7:45pm nightly and Saturday matinee at 2:00pm. Room: Main Hall’. Dick Whittington will be coming to North Curry Village Hall. The show is directed by Greg Phillips, who some of you may know from panto and farce at Somerton and Stoke St Gregory.

Tickets are £8 adults and £5 for under 12’s, available from Stoke St Gregory Village Stores, North Curry Post Office or from Greg on   01458 251773.

Dick Whittington and his Cat

A long time ago there was once a poor boy called Dick Whittington who had no Mummy and Daddy to look after him so he was often very hungry.  He lived in a little village in the country. He’d often heard stories about a far away place called London where everybody was rich and the streets were paved with gold. Dick Whittington was determined that he would go there and dig up enough gold from the streets to make his fortune.  One day he met a friendly waggoner who was going to London who said he would give him a lift there, so off they went.  When they reached the big city Dick couldn’t believe his eyes, he could see horses, carriages, hundreds of people, great tall buildings, lots of mud, but nowhere could he see any gold.  What a disappointment, how was he going to make his fortune? How was he even going to buy food? After a few days he was so hungry that he collapsed in a ragged heap on the doorstep of a rich merchant’s house.  Out of the house came a cook: “Be off with you” she shouted “you dirty ragamuffin” and she tried to sweep him off the step with a broom. At that moment the merchant arrived back at his house and, being a kindly man, took pity on poor Dick. “Carry him into the house” he ordered his groom. When he was fed and rested, Dick was given a job working in the kitchen.  He was very grateful to the Merchant but, alas, the cook was always very bad tempered and, when no one was looking, used to beat and pinch him. The other thing that made Dick sad was that he had to sleep in a tiny room at the very top of the house and it was full of rats and mice that crawled all over his face and tried to bite his nose. He was so desperate that he saved up all his pennies and bought a cat.  The cat was a very special cat, she was the best cat in all of London at catching mice and rats.  After a few weeks Dick’s life was much easier because of his clever cat who had eaten all the rats and mice and he was able to sleep in peace. Not long after, Dick heard the merchant asking everyone in the house if they wanted to send anything on board his ship they thought they could sell.  The ship was going on a long voyage to the other side of the world and the captain would sell everything on the ship so they could all make some money.  Poor Dick, what could he sell? Suddenly, a thought came to him: “Please sir, will you take my cat?” Everyone burst out laughing, but the merchant smiled and said: “Yes Dick, I will, and all the money from her sale will go to you”. After the merchant had left from the city Dick was on his own again with the mice and rats crawling over him by night and the cook being even nastier in the day because there was no-one to stop her.  Dick decided to run away.As he walked away the bells of all the churches rang out and seemed to say:

“Turn again Dick Whittington.  Three times Lord Mayor of London”

“Goodness, gracious, gosh” thought Dick astonished.  “If I’m going to be Lord Mayor I’d better stay.  I’ll put up with cook and the scurrying mice and rats, and when I’m mayor I’ll show her!” So back he went.  Across the other side of the world, the merchant and his ship had arrived at their destination.  The people were so pleased to see them and were so welcoming that the merchant decided to send some presents to their king and queen.  The king and queen were so delighted that they invited them all to a feast.  But, believe it or not, as soon as the food was brought in hundreds of rats appeared as if by magic and gobbled it all up before they had a chance to eat. “Oh dear” said the king “this is always happening – I never get a chance to eat my apple pie.  What can I do?” “I have an idea” said the merchant “I have a very special cat which has travelled with me all the way from London, and she will gobble up your rats faster than they gobbled up your feast.” Sure enough, to the king and queen’s joy, the next time a feast was prepared and the rats appeared, the cat pounced and killed all the rats as quick as lightening. The king and queen danced for joy and gave the merchant a ship full of gold in return for the very special cat. When the ship returned to London Dick was overwhelmed with the amount of gold the merchant gave him for his cat.  Over the years he used his money so wisely, and did so much good for all the people around him and who worked for him, that he was elected Lord Mayor of the City of London three times.  But he never forgot his kind friend the merchant, who had been so honest in giving him all the money that the cat had earned and kept nothing for himself. When Dick grew up he fell in love with Alice, the merchant’s beautiful daughter, and married her.  They lived happily ever after as people do in stories.

“Turn again Dick Whittington. Three times Lord Mayor of London”. They were right you see.

North Curry Village Hall, December 7, 7:45PM



Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 6

British Telecom


During the weekends BT assigns to a village like North Curry (1,600 inhabitants) only a certain amount of data traffic. So the posts of December 4 and 5 were uploaded on Monday 6. But then 3 days of work on the network were announced. Yesterday (Dec 6) totally nothing and today (Dec 7) it started up at noon. Luckily I can manipulate the date and time of the posts, but doing it in retrospective is a bit complicated 😦 😦 😦


Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 5

Because of the bruised toe, which prevents me to walk normally AND to wear socks on my left leg, Mary and I decided to cancel the London trip. The todays program includes a lunch with Sophy, Mary’s second daughter, and a supper at Joan’s, a lady here from North Curry, who Pierre and I met last September. living opposite the post office / grocery store and close to the “Old Brewery”.

And as it is today December 5th, Santa Claus passed by and put a CD in my shoe: “The Armed Man, a mass for peace” composed by Karl Jenkins. Mary assures me that I will love it.


Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 4

Patient & Nurse in distress



  • were on the boat (January – May 2016),
  • when I was (with Pierre) in Somerset (September 2016),
  • when Mary stayed in Nijmegen (October 2016) and
  • when I function as male nurse AND very severe advisor in very different ways 10 days in North Curry (December 2016)
  • future cruise to Spain and France May/June 2017,

wilson1_161699cI must honestly say that I met a very nice woman at dinner (2nd seating, Glentanar Restaurant)  at my right side of the “singles table” January 8th, 2016. She tried to involve me in the conversations between the 7 English singles, but we had our private chats then already. I told her that I had a male partner, so that was a hint towards her. About her “noble” life we started later, at January 11th, at High Tea in the Observatory (upon my invitation, because I already booked for it prior to depature in the lounge at Southampton. A bookmark fell out her book, which she was reading while waiting for me. It was a stunning portrait of Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson. That was the start of an interesting friendship, that lasts ever since.  Although she is very picky about the content of my blog posting. Posting about her/her family are always sent in draft for “North Curry – approvement”. And she thinks that I pay too much attention to Prince Harry of Wales. But… he is a very attractive nice young man, and not only for women. I am sorry that he, at the age of 32 years, is far from free to choose a suitable partner.


2It’s still pretty cold out there in Somerset today (Sunday, December 4), with temperatures around 6 degrees C and unlikely to rise by much – but the good news is we’re in for quite a bit of sun. It will be back down to about 1 degree C overnight, but the temperature is going to creep up through the week, peaking at around 13 degrees C by Friday. The down side is we can expect some rain later in the week from Thursday onwards.


Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 3

A great Sunrise over North Curry, despite the graveyard just in front of Lady Mary’s house; at the left side: the Baptist Church.


  • For Mary: The Daily Mail with the TV programs
  • A Somerset Calendar
  • A North Curry Calendar
  • A set of fox Christmas cards (after all she is a Stewart-Wilson FOX)
  • A set of Countryside Alliance cards
  • Stamps (5) for Europe


After a brisk walk in the cold Somerset air our programs went astray.

I am working on a new Byzantine Cherubine hymn, Mary watches the dancing contest on TV.

Nevertheless: a glass of port wine goes well down the gutter, with some cheese 🙂


Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 2

But of course my first task is being a nurse. And the surgeon from the Nuffield hospital in Taunton would give a phonecall how things were going with the patient. So the medical part was done in time. Then there was some shopping to do: eggs, milk (2 liter can), 2 kinds of juices together for (only) £4,91. I wanted to buy some buttermilk too, but I knew only the Dutch equivalent. And Mary tells me, that it is only available in supermakets. In North Curry we have a cosy grocery store with a post office at the side.


Nursing Lady Helen Mary, day 1

The first day was a long one, with all kind of obstacles, but with a happy end. (The timeline is all in GMT):

09:58am – Departure train Nijmegen CS to Schiphol Airport (direct)

11:27am – Arrival Schiphol Airport

11:45am – Departures 3: Checking in was not possible as the airport of Exeter was closed due to heavy fog, and there are no instrument landing systems at the airport. Official boarding time was 12:10pm and  the departure time was 12:40pm.

All passengers booked over to Southampton flight, delay about 3,5 hours at Schiphol Airport plus a 1,5 hours bus transfer Southampton – Exeter Airport.

04:05pm  – Scheduled departure time from Schiphol

04:30pm  – Airborn

05:30pm – Arrival Southampton Airport. On the original  Exeter flight were only 29 passengers; however the transit from Southampton to Exeter was badly managed: 3 (small) touring cars needed!!!

06:15pm – Departure by bus all along the “Coastway” to Exeter, which took 2h45m.

09:00pm – Arrival at Exeter, where Derek Corkill, the driver who had collected Mary from Nuffield Hospital in Taunton, waited for me.

09:50pm – Arrival at Quince, North Curry.

A very happy Mary, still 2 hours to go on her 77th birthday! That was like old times on the cruise, to kill a bottle of Lanson Black. But as her eye shield was not very well applied in the hospital I had to fix that first. Then we had a happy 2 hours for the remaining celebrations and lay out Nurse Luke’s schedules for the remaining days. (The picture on the left is from the day after the night before, I must honestly say. The glasses had to be retrieved from the dishwasher, and the (empty) bottle was already at the bin.


Letter from Nimwegen

Dear Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson.

Exactly four weeks ago you arrived here in our humble “entourage”. Perhaps it was less than you expected. But you can not compete with the view from our bedroom: a white windmill, which was fully busy, as the miller told you.


Lady Helen Mary visits the Netherlands. Day 5.

Everything has an end. Also a first glimpse of the Netherlands. It is great fun that cruise company Fred Olsen has trips to the bulb fields, or Amsterdam and Antwerp, or a Christma market in Hamburg, an overnight in Amsterdam and an overnight in Antwerp on the way back. So I can eventually meet all the daughters!

By train to Amsterdam Airport (Pierre stays at home, because it is in fact only a drop-off at the airport). There FlyBE will take over and get Lady Helen Mary back to Exeter. There BSW2 waits to be brought back to Quince Cottage, North Curry.

It was fun having Florence Nightingale here 🙂 🙂 🙂




Lady Helen Mary visits the Netherlands. Day 4. Amsterdam, by train.

First checking her mail….

Then exploring Amsterdam in different ways… 🙂


Lady Helen Mary visits the Netherlands. Day 3. Ktöller Müller museum, Otterloo.

And dinner, upon invitation by Lady Helen Mary, at The Stadstuyn, conveniently situated at the Graafseweg too, but more towards the city roundabout “Emperor Charles”.


Lady Helen Mary visits the Netherlands. Day 2.



Lady Helen Mary visits the Netherlands. Day 1.

The journey from North Curry – Exeter Airport – Schiphol/Amsterdam Airport – Nimwegen. A rather exhausting trip. Nevertheless Lady Helen Mary arrives cheerfully -for the first time 😦 / 🙂 – on Dutch soil.


Lady Helen Mary

To accomodate a Lady you do everything what is in your power and/or reach. So, to make the guest apartment still more B.P.-like, Pierre and I installed this morning a fountain in the pond. The goldfishes seem surprised but pleased. All we have to wait for is her Ladyship’s approval… 🙂 🙂 🙂




Pierre and Luke visit Lady Helen Mary @ Quince Cottage, North Curry, Somerset. Day 4.


Pierre and Luke visit Lady Helen Mary @ Quince Cottage, North Curry, Somerset. Day 3.


Pierre and Luke visit Lady Helen Mary @ Quince Cottage, North Curry, Somerset. Day 2.


Pierre and Luke visit Lady Helen Mary @ Quince Cottage, North Curry, Somerset. Day 1.


Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson Fox‘s brother is Charles St. Vigor Foxborn on 14 March 1941. They are the children of Major Wilfred Michael Fox and Anthea Helen Orr Ewing.

Charles St. Vigor Fox b. 1941, m. 1964: Charlotte Certhia Ingram b.????, div. 1993. ⇒ Lawrence St. Vigor Fox b. 1965, m. ????: a Danish partner ??? b.????.  ⇒ Frederick St Vigor Fox b. 14 Nov 2014.

Charles St. Vigor Fox b. 1941, m. 1994: Nicola Louise Kennedy b.????, div. 2013.


Sir Blair and Lady Helen Mary Stewart-Wilson


October 1961.




William Hore b.???? d.1745 m.????: ??? b.???? d.????

⇒ Walter Hore b.???? d.1795 m.????: ??? b.???? d.????

⇒ William Hore b.???? d.1798 m.????: ??? b.???? d.????

⇒ Walter HoreRuthven b. ???? d.1878 m. ???? Mary Elizabeth Thornton Ruthven, Lady Ruthven of Freeland b.???? d.???? 

⇒ William Hore b. ???? d.1847 m.????: ??? b.???? d.????

⇒ Walter James Hore-Ruthven, 9th Lord Ruthven of Freeland b.???? d.1921 m.??? b.???? d.???? 

⇒ Charles Lindsay Orr Ewing b.???? d.1903 m.???? Hon. Beatrice Mary Leslie Hore-Ruthven b.???? d.???? 

⇒ Sir Ian Leslie Orr Ewing b.???? d.1958 m.????: ??? b.???? d.???? 

⇒ Major Wilfred Michael Fox  b.???? d.1975 m.????  Anthea Helen Orr Ewing b.1917 d.2006

⇒ Helen Mary Fox b. Dec 1, 1939 & Charles St. Vigor Fox b.1941. 

Lt. Col. Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson b. 1929  d. 2011 m. 1962 Helen Mary Fox b. 1939



⇓                                                                   ⇓                                            ⇓

Alice Helen b. 1963                                   Sophia Mary b. 1966        Belinda Anthea b. 1970

m. 1985                                                       m. 1991                                m. (1st, 2nd) div.

Jonathan Cecil Ian Young                       Alistair McIntosh                Bennet F. Miller

⇒Mary Katherine          b. 1988             ⇒Lily      b. 1993                   ⇒Jackson b. 2006

⇒Archibald Blair Cecil  b. 1991             ⇒Kitty    b. 1994

⇒Minnie Rose Alice      b. 1996              ⇒Tarn   b. 1995

                                                                    ⇒Harry  b. 1999


Family Stewart-Wilson

After a lot of research in The Peerage I got a complete genealogy of Mary Stewart-Wilson:

Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson b. 17-07-1929 d. 24-052011

m. 17-01-1962

Helen Mary Fox b. 01-12-1939

  •  Alice Stewart-Wilson b. 14-06-1963 m. 1985 Jonathan Young
    • India b. 1988
    • Archibald b. 1991
    • Minnie b.  1996
  • Sophy Stewart-Wilson b. 29-03-1966 m. 1991 Alistair McIntosh
    • Lily b. 1993
    • Kitty b. 1994
    • Tarn b. 1995
    • Harry b. 1999
  • Belinda Stewart-Wilson b. 16-04-1971 m. twice (div.)
    • Sonny Miller b. 2006


Sir Blair

BLAIR_comanding officer of the Duke of Atholls private army.

Blair Stewart-Wilson, comanding officer of the duke of Atholls private army


Sir Blair & Lady Helen Mary & Belinda

From: the Peerage:

Lt.-Col. Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson


b. 17 July 1929, d. 24 May 2011. Lt.-Col. Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson was the son of Aubyn Harold Raymond Wilson and Muriel Athelstan Hood Stewart-Stevens, 10th of Balnakeilly. He married Helen Mary Fox, daughter of Major Wilfred Michael Fox and Anthea Helen Orr Ewing, on 17 January 1962. He died on 24 May 2011 at age 81.  He was educated at Eton College, Windsor, Berkshire, England. He was educated at Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst, Berkshire, England. He was commissioned in 1949, in the service of the Scots Guards. He was Aide-de-Camp to the Governor-General of New Zealand, Viscount Cobham between 1957 and 1959. He was Equerry to HRH Prince Henry, Duke of Gloucester between 1960 and 1962. He was Deputy Military and Air Attaché to Vienna between 1975 and 1976. He held the office of Deputy Master of the Household and Equerry to HM Queen Elizabeth II between 1976 and 1994. He was invested as a Lieutenant, Royal Victorian Order (L.V.O.) in 1983. He was invested as a Commander, Royal Victorian Order (C.V.O.) in 1989. He was invested as a Knight Commander, Royal Victorian Order (K.C.V.O.) in 1994.1 He held the office of Extra Equerry to HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1994. He gained the rank of Major in 1996 in the service of the Atholl Highlanders. He lived in 2003 at The Old Brewery, North Curry, Somerset, England. He gained the rank of Lieutenant-Colonel in 2003.

Helen Mary Fox


b. 1 December 1939. Helen Mary Fox is the daughter of Major Wilfred Michael Fox and Anthea Helen Orr Ewing. She married Lt.-Col. Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson, son of Aubyn Harold Raymond Wilson and Muriel Athelstan Hood Stewart-Stevens, 10th of Balnakeilly, on 17 January 1962.  Helen Mary Fox usually went by her middle name of Mary. From 17 January 1962, her married name became Stewart-Wilson. She lived in 2003 at The Old Brewery, North Curry, Somerset, England.

Children of Lt.-Col. Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson and Lady Helen Mary Fox:

  • Alice Helen Stewart-Wilson+ b. 14 Jun 1963
  • Sophia Mary Stewart-Wilson+ b. 29 Mar 1966
  • Belinda Anthea Stewart-Wilson b. 16 Apr 1970

Belinda Anthea Stewart-Wilson

b. 16 April 1970. Belinda Anthea Stewart-Wilson is the daughter of Lt.-Col. Sir Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson and Helen Mary Fox.

1. She married William Anthony David St. Lawrence Gethin, son of Anthony Michael Gethin and Vanse Barlow, in 1997. She and William Anthony David St. Lawrence Gethin were divorced in 2000. From 1997, her married name became Gethin.
2. She married in 2004 actor and comedian Ben Miller, they were divorced in 2011. They have a son, Sonny (b. 2006) From 2004, her married name became Miller,


Sir Blair

At the choir and socially I am engaged and -after the latest ships gossip, prior to the Captain’s dinner- married to her Ladyship Mary Stewart-Wilson, widow of Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson. This is what Google tells about Blair:

    • Sir Blair Stewart-Wilson was Equerry to Her Majesty the Queen and Deputy Master of thewilson1_161699c Household in the Royal Household from 1976 to 1994.
    • His role was to assist the Master of the Household, with particular responsibility for the Queen’s private engagements. A man who inspired great affection, he was also admired and trusted by the Royal Family for his soldierly qualities of efficiency and calmness under pressure: when a fire famously engulfed Windsor Castle in November 1992, Stewart-Wilson immediately got on the telephone to the then Master of the Household, Maj-Gen Sir Simon Cooper, to inform him that there was “a bit of a problem”.
    • A career soldier with the Scots Guards for nearly 30 years, Stewart-Wilson had only recently arrived at the British embassy in Vienna as defence attaché when he received a telephone call from the Palace inviting him to apply for his role in the Royal Household.
    • He soon settled into the arcane and demanding world of Court life: state visits, overseas tours, Commonwealth Conferences, State Openings of Parliament, investitures, Royal Ascot, garden parties and the many other activities which demand the Queen’s attention. Among his tasks was to help the Queen with her arrangements for house guests at the various royal residences throughout the year. He enjoyed his role, and privately described the Queen as “the most competent, fair and even-handed boss anyone could hope for, a person with humour and an enjoyable sense of fun, and someone who, at all times is very good company. All the above qualities are specially remarkable in a person lumbered with a status so high that it tends to affect the attitude and behaviour of everyone around about that person .”
    • He worked closely with the Master of the Household, whose department was divided into three branches: F (food), H (housekeeping) and G (general, dealing with everything from the china, glass and wine cellars to palace attendants and staff).
    • He was also responsible for royal warrants and, during one period, for updating the telephone exchanges in all the royal residences.
    • Stewart-Wilson always insisted that he was “lucky” — not least because of the circumstances surrounding his birth. He was nearly 50 when his mother informed him that, when she was pregnant with him, her gynaecologist had told her that, for medical reasons, she should not have this third baby and should have an abortion. The procedure was duly carried out, yet just under nine months later Blair Aubyn Stewart-Wilson was born on July 17 1929 .
    • His mother, Muriel (who had twins in her family), concluded that she had been bearing twins, and that only one had been removed.
    • In 1934 Blair’s father, Aubyn, who had fought with the Black Watch in the Great War, died aged 45.
    • Two years later Muriel married Major Greville Stevens, and shortly afterwards she inherited the Stewart family estate of Balnakeilly in Perthshire .
    • Blair was sent to Eton, and in early 1948 arrived at Sandhurst. Commissioned into the 2nd Battalion the Scots Guards (2SG), he saw active service in Malaya in 1950-51, when his platoon killed six terrorists.
    • After returning to Britain, he kept vigil at the catafalque of King George VI in 1952; and on Coronation Day he was detailed to command a half company of street liners in the Mall. “For the return trip to Buckingham Palace,” he recalled, “all the carriages were closed against the rain except the one carrying the substantial figure of Queen Salote of Tonga, whom we enjoyed seeing smiling and waving happily in the rain, while the little Malay Sultan accompanying Her Majesty sat hunched and unhappy, facing her.”
    • Stewart-Wilson served with BAOR, and in 1957 was appointed ADC to the next Governor-General of New Zealand, Viscount Cobham. In August that year he embarked on the six-week voyage to Wellington. On board were Cobham with his wife and their eight children; 17 domestic servants; two ADCs; one lady-in-waiting; and a governess and a nanny. In the hold were a Rolls-Royce and five other cars belonging to Lord Cobham, along with Stewart-Wilson’s Rover 90.
    • In 1957 Stewart-Wilson was appointed equerry to the Duke of Gloucester, based at Wellington Barracks in London, and in 1962 he married his cousin, Mary Fox — “the best and most sensible thing I ever did”.
    • There were further postings in Malaysia and Germany before, in 1970, he became GSO 1 Foreign Liaison Section (Army) at the MoD .
    • After retiring from the Royal Household in 1994, Stewart-Wilson served as an Extra Equerry.
    • As the Queen’s Trustee on the Board of Royal Armouries from 1995 to 2004, on one occasion he spent a day in armour riding on horseback to see what the experience was like; he sent a photograph of himself thus equipped to the Queen, with the message: “With love from your knight in shining armour”.
    • Later, when the Queen saw his grandson, Archie, one of her pages of honour, she told him: “I have a picture of your grandfather on my desk.”
    • Stewart-Wilson was appointed LVO in 1983, CVO in 1989 and KCVO in 1994.
  • He was Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding the Atholl Highlanders from 2003. In the mid-1950s, he was a bobsleigh enthusiast . He also enjoyed fly fishing, shooting and stalking. Blair Stewart-Wilson is survived by his wife and three daughters.

NOTE: prior to uploading this article, her Ladyship Mary has read and approved the article. Quoting her: “It is all in the open on the internet and true”.