West Somerset Railway-UK

The West Somerset Railway is the longest Heritage line in the United Kingdom.

201805211456CrowcombeThe line is situated four miles outside the County town of Taunton, starting at Bishops Lydeard and finishing at Minehead. The line meanders through the Quantock Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty and along the Bristol Channel Coast. We have 10 stations along the line each having something different to offer. There are various historic sites that may be of interest to visitors to the area, for example Crowcombe Heathfield station was the location for the filming of the Beatles’ “A Hard Days Night” and scenes from “The Land Girls” were also shot here. The historic town of Watchet dates back to Saxon times, and boasts narrow streets, local shops, museums and lots of places to eat and drink. Washford is a great place to alight, just a short walk from the station we have Cleeve Abbey and the Torre Cider Farm, which are both well worth a visit. 201805211216DunsterCastleFancy something a little different then why not visit Dunster Castle which is nestled in the medieval village of Dunster? Dunster also has a working Watermill, the Old Yarn Market building and the Dolls Museum or continue on to Minehead home of our final station. Minehead is situated at the foot of North Hill where the beach is literally right across the road, we have cafes, shops and plenty of arcades along the seafront, making this a go to location.

The West Somerset Railway also have combined tickets on selected dates throughout the year. These include, Cream Tea and Cheese and cider specials and linked trips with Hestercombe Gardens and Dunster Castle. We organise Steam Galas in the Spring and Autumn, and we are host to a Diesel Gala too. In the latter part of the year we have our popular Christmas services, we have Santa services running out of Minehead and Bishops Lydeard from the end of November until Christmas Eve, we also have our Sherry and Mince pie specials for you to enjoy.

And this is the exciting view when the track of WSR runs just behind your garden, as is the situation at Nick and Sarah Evelyn’s residence 🙂 🙂 🙂


Visiting Somerset day 6 – the voyage (all times: GMT+1)

NCY 11:00 AM – TAU 11:20 AM by car


TAU 11:45 AM – BRS 01:00 PM, by bus South West Falcon

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor falcon bus bristol exeter

BRS 02:45 PM – AMS 04:25 PM, by KLM Cityhopper KL 1052

Image result for klm cityhopper embraer 175

AMS 05:00 PM – QNQ 06:32 PM, by train National Railways IC3177



Visiting Somerset day 5 – visit Dunster Castle


Visiting Somerset day 5 – visit Dunster Gardens


Visiting Somerset day 5 – visit Crowcombe church


Visiting Somerset day 5 – an unknown visitor will stay over tonight…



Visiting Somerset day 4 – Pentacost

It is not the “traditional” Dutch Pentacost, with Sunday & Monday off, and big celebrationss in church. We consider still to assist the Evening song in the church of Thorn Falcon. We have a lunch at Nick and Sarah. Since I am here the weather is absolutely fabulous, as you could see yesterday on the wedding.


Visiting Somerset day 2 – variety of duties 🙂

Already before the alarm clock went of  (08am) there was a knock on the door and a fully washed and dressed Lady Helen Mary walked in. We decided to have my speciality for breakfast: scrumbled eggs with cheese and bacon. Breakfast was served outside.  Then, after my shaving and showering rituals, I should come down in shorts, as I was supposed to do some gardening.

Mary meanwhile was busy with the last Royalty news in the Daily Mail.


The result of my gardening efforts was quite satisfactoring 🙂 🙂 🙂


Then lunch, sausages. While Mary is taking a nap, I work on the blog. The afternoon till 5pm we have to ourselves, tonight is the first social engagement.

The todays’ edition of our Dutch newspaper is also in full Harry & Meghan & Windsor-mood 🙂 🙂 🙂

At 07pm off to Taunton for dinner with John and Pat. As John is very ill we were home at 10:45pm. The picture of me gardening had finally come through. Internet is a crime in this small community, as British Telecom assings a certain quantity of data processing for the whole community. The evenings and week-ends are the worst. So I wonder when I shall be able to put next Sarurday and Sunday on line.

I mailed Pierre about a visit of Mary to the Netherlands. When we came back Pierre had answered: his consent for the stay from Thursday 02 September till Thursday 13 September in the guest quarters in the sousterrain floor (garden and pond level 🙂 ). That includes the Byzantine liturgy on Saturday 08 September 🙂


Visiting Somerset day 1 – the voyage

QNQ 08:28 AM – AMS 09:59 AM, by train National Railways IC3130

A Cava at Schiphol KLm Crown Lounge

Image result for klm cityhopper embraer 175

AMS 12:00 PM – BRS 01:15 PM, by KLM Cityhopper KL1051

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor falcon bus bristol exeter

BRS 02:45 PM – TAU 03:50 PM, by bus South West Falcon

TAU 03:55 PM – NCY 04:20PM, by car.

And Lucky times revive with a white wine & Gouda cheese.

Student housing-NL/24

This morning -Sunday, 13 May- a very noisy group of young people were still outside on the premises of Graafseweg 213-B, on the lower ground level. At 12:20am I went over to the group, and asked who the host/hostess of the party was. A young lady indicated her front door, saying “We shall put the volume of the music lower”. At 12:50am I woke up by the noise of the party still going on, with loud conversations and laughter. I was annoyed being woken up, and decided to record the incident. Here a very short (45 seconds) impression:

When I went to the St Stephan church -11:10am- to do my volunteer work, the following picture of “the remainders of the night before” were this:


And according to the indication of the hostess in the early morning, her name plate at the door looked like this:


The indicators are as follows: from the door go to the right, turn left, the path to the lower level, and the first (left) door is Miss Sanne Bouwman. When I was taking the pictures of “the remainders” and the front door, a neighbor of Graafseweg 215 asked me if there were problems. When I told him of what happened in the early morning, he told me, that he has had a note, saying, that the party should last till 02:00am max.

According to the land register of the city Nimwegen, the house (section Hatert-M-746) belongs to someone living in the village of Beuningen, West of Nimwegen. An investment property, as not the owner, or a son or daughter lives at the property. There live students and/or young people.

The definition “neighbor nuisance”  is hard to get:

  • Dutch law refers to the city laws.
  • City laws are complex, so I called the Nimwegen police.
  • The police informs me, that -as soon as I feel nuisance of neighbors- they will send an officer, no matter what hour of the day.
  • The police says: each individual has it’s own interpretation of “nuisance”, so they take it always seriously.
  • Strict hours for neighbor nuisance are nowhere stated, e.g. from 10:00pm till 07:00am.