Walk of the World edition #102

Prior to the opening festivities on Saterday evening, there is always an art gathering in the St Stephan Church. An artist, who has created the “Nimwegen Painting of the year” gets from the Lord Major a decoration.

In the evening there is the first rock concert in the church, a daily event till next Friday, with well known national an international stars, and very well sought after, as tickets are sold out months prior to the real events.

Day -1: Sunday 15 July – pre-registration

At 06:30AM the police arrives for an incident with public intoxication.

My credentials for the coming week 🙂 🙂

And a busy time for the pubs and restaurants on the Grote Markt 🙂 🙂 🙂



The contract for the solar panels has been signed. The inspection in person had an unpredictable result: for Peter and Marie the roof is too soft to carry the weight and to anchor the panels. On 219 -Barkhuis/Bormans- the result was positive: there will be an extra (eigth) panel. The electrical installations will be on the ground floor.


When Peter was having coffee with us, talks concentrated on new plants in the garden. He advised Trachelospermum Jasminoides (Toscan jasmine); we bought 2 of them and they are already put in the garden by expert Pierre.


As herons take away a lot of the fishes in the pond, there should be a compensation in number:  five gold ides and five blue ides. The master of the pond -Luke- has already put them in the pond, to meet their new friends.

Anwar’s column-NL/25


The ‘underprivileged’ from Syria are doing very well here

Studying, studying, studying, that is the motto that parents give their children. Studying is the hope for a good future for them, a ‘high’ position and a nice income. My parents said that too. They were hoping for a better life for me. I went to the university in Aleppo and graduated as a lawyer. When the war started in Syria, I left for the Netherlands. Now I have been here for almost three years and I have nothing. My diploma is not valid here. I am following a college education in the hope that I will be working somewhere as a thirty-something without work experience.

Who does have work and an income? The Syrian hairdressers, the construction workers, the cooks. They do not have to study here again, because they learned a craft. It all became painfully clear to me at a network meeting of refugees and companies. On questions such as: ‘who can install a heater?’, All hands went up, but not mine. No company needs me, because the knowledge I gained in the legal profession in Syria is worthless here.
In the Netherlands we are in a reversed situation as displaced Syrians. The ‘underprivileged’ from Syria are doing very well here. They can immediately exercise their profession again, have an income and can even go on holiday. The highly educated refugees with a diploma, the ‘opportunity rich’ in Syria, are sitting here on the couch. Those who are not too old are trying to get a diploma here again, like me. I look around me, and see the Syrian craftsmen with their lives on the ride. It brings me to the point that I want to give my children another advice later. Learn a profession, then you are safe. Anywhere in the world.


The HAN (Highschool Arnheim Nimwegen) where I studied received visits from inspectors. People who wanted to know whether my training in industrial product design (IPO) is good. Sometimes they check that, the teacher said. It is striking that the government controls the government. I can not see that happening in Syria. It would give a signal that there is something to be checked. That something is not right, in a government school. The inspectors spoke to everyone. With teachers, students and management. Classmates told the inspectors what they want differently on the course. I was shocked by that. It would be very strange for me to tell a government inspector that something is wrong with a school that is also from the government. When a visit comes from the government in a Syrian institution, everything is prepared for it. It is not an inspection, but a working visit. School pupils or employees are chosen who can best tell how good the organization is. A party flag will be posted and we would all tell you how happy and grateful we are with our education and our work.

The HAN teacher who read the feedback from the inspectors was not angry with the students. He even liked to read what he could do better. He said: ,,We can learn from each other. As a teacher you can never be complete, everyone has weak points.” It reminded me of my professor in Aleppo who once inadvertently checked his own answer model, and gave only a seven. No one dared to point it out, but we had seen his weak side.

World Cup in Syria

The exams are over and I have not yet found a job, so there is plenty of time to watch the football matches of the World Cup. The match between Russia and Saudi Arabia was the best. People from Syria look with different eyes. Russia represents President Bashar al-Assad, and Saudi Arabia for everything that is against him. So if you show on the internet that you are in need of a loss of Saudi Arabia, hundreds of Assad proponents start talking about the lack of your upbringing and the character of your mother. That is part of the fun my roommate Ahmed and I have when watching the matches. Read comments on the internet. It brings out the deepest emotions of our countrymen and we laugh about it. Then we also hear on the Syrian state television: ‘Before we start the broadcast we want to congratulate Russia with the 5-0 victory over Saudi Arabia’. Well, this is no longer about football.

In Syria we also had a World Cup. I do not know if people remember that. We had a host of countries that qualified themselves, such as the United States, Canada, Jordan, Morocco, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Qatar. We also had video referees. They interfered from a distance with our country, such as, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands and France. More than 60 countries participated in this world championship in Syria. The playing field was very Syria and the ball the population.

Too bad the guests have never left.


Walk of the World edition #102

Training scheme

ORANGE = matching the day limit of 30K / 20M during the marcges

MARCH 2018:

  • #01 March 10: 20.00K / 13.33M; #02 March 24: 22.75K / 15.17M;

APRIL 2018:

  • #03 April 06: 20.02K / 13.35M; #04 April11: 20.08K / 13.39M; #05 April 17: 16.50K / 11.00M; #06 April 28: 13.49K / 8.99M;

MAY 2018:

  • #07 May 04: 25.14K / 16.76M; #08 May 06: 34.57K / 23.05M; #09 May 11: 27.30K / 18.2M; 

JUNE 2018:

  • #10 June 05: 20.00K / 13.33M; #11 June 27: 30.24K / 20.16M; 

JULY 2018:

  • #12 July 06: 33.67K / 22.45M; #13 July 10: 35.15K / 23.43M; #14 July 11: 32.55K / 21.70M.

TOTAL in 14 training sessions:

351.46Km/234.31M (av. per session: 25.10Km/16.74M)



11 July 2018 – training #14

Leg 1:

Nimwegen (home) – Groesbeek woodland; dep.: 07:58 arr 10:18 / 15.16Km / 10.11M / 2h 20m / refreshments break

Leg 2:

Groesbeek woodland – Plasmolen; dep: 10:29  arr 11:54 / 6.77Km / 4.51M / 1h 25m / coffee break

Leg 3:

Plasmolen – Gennep; dep 12:07 arr 14:14 / 10.57Km / 7.05M / 2h 07m / Lunch break

Leg 4:

Gennep – Nimwegen (home); dep.: 15:11 arr: 16:00 by bus line 83/99.



10 July 2018 – training #13

Leg 1:

Nimwegen (home) – Kekerdom; dep.: 07:45 arr 11.43 / 21.70Km / 14.47M / 3h 58m / refreshments break

Leg 2:

Kekerdom – Ooy; dep: 11:54  arr 13:16 / 8.17Km / 5.45M / 1h 20m / lunch break break

Leg 3:

Ooy – Nimwegen downtown quay side; dep.: 14:03 by bus line 80.

Leg 4:

Nimwegen downtown quay side – Home; dep. 14:27 arr 15:07 / 5.23Km / 3.49M / 0h 40m

Plastic whale-BE/CA

Via my special correspondent/artist Brian Holden, from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada (see his PAGE on top of the website):


Five tons of plastic out of the ocean to build a four stories high whale (Bruges, Belgium). See also the video.

Ferry house, Oeffelt-NL

Park €€,€€€ in the hands of Arjen Gesterkamp and Maarten Pillen at an intrest rate ten times more than at your bankers. And than this is the result:



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to share two photographs of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, taken by The Duchess at Kensington Palace.‬ This image was taken on 2nd May, on Princess Charlotte’s third Birthday.‬ ‪The Duke and Duchess would like to thank members of the public for their kind messages following the birth of Prince Louis, and for Princess Charlotte’s third birthday.‬



06 July 2018 – training #12

Leg 1:

Nimwegen (home) – bank river Waal – polder of Ooy – Persingen; dep.: 07:35 arr 09:53 / 12.35Km / 8.23M / 2h 18m / refreshments break

Leg 2:

Persingen – Leuth; dep: 10:03  arr 11:23 / 6.80Km / 4.53M / 1h 20m / refreshments break

Leg 3:

Leuth – Millingen on Rhine; dep.: 11:28 arr 13:08 / 10.92Km / 7.28M / 1h 40m / lunch break

Leg 4:

Millingen on Rhine – Nimwegen downtown quay side; dep.: 14:04 by bus line 80.

Leg 5:

Nimwegen downtown quay side – Home; dep. 15:13 arr 15:53 / 3.60Km / 2.40M / 0h 40m

TOTAL: 33.67Km / 22.45M in 5h 58m

Spain, here we come!-ES

As in 2011 (see the video at bottom of this post), we shall fly from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Madrid Barajas Airport, pick up our hired car (Volkswagen Polo), and travel for eleven days in the Western and Southern part of Spain. The hotels are all pre-booked. And that for the price of €790 / ÂŁ698 / CA$1,214 p.p., that is €72 / ÂŁ64 / CA$110 per day, including return flight Amsterdam – Madrid (Economy class), 10 hotel nights in a double room with bath/shower, including breakfast and car hire!


→ day 01/02 – September 18: Flight KL1703 dep AMS 01:50PM – arr MAD 04:25PM – Madrid (0vernight ****);  September 19: Madrid (Overnight ****);

→ day 03 – September 20: Madrid – Avila – Salamanca (Overnight ****);

→ day 04/05 – September 21: Salamanca – Plasencia (Overnight ****); September 22: Plasencia (Overnight ****);

→ day 06/07 – September 23: Plasencia – MĂ©rida – Sevilla (Overnight ****); September 24: Sevilla (Overnight ****);

→ day 08/09

September 25: Sevilla – Cordoba – Granáda (Overnight ***);

September 26: Granáda (Overnight ***);

→ day 10 – September 27: Granáda – Almagro – Toledo – Aranjuez (Overnight ***);

→ day 11 – September 28: Aranjuez – Madrid Barajas Aeropuerto – Flight KL1702 dep MAD 12:50PM – arr AMS 03:25PM


State visit to United Kingdom
News item 03-07-2018 | 13:17

His Majesty King Willem-Alexander and Her Majesty Queen Máxima, at the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, make a state visit to the United Kingdom. The visit will take place on 23 and 24 October 2018.

The King and Queen are accompanied on their visit by Minister Stef Blok of Foreign Affairs.

The state visit reconfirms the excellent ties between the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, as ‘North Sea Neighbors’, based on shared values in the past, present and future.

RVD, no. 170

State visit NL-UK

State Visit by The King and Queen of The Netherlands

Their Majesties The King and Queen of the Netherlands have accepted an invitation from The Queen to pay a State Visit to the United Kingdom from 23rd to 24th October 2018.

The King and Queen of the Netherlands will stay at Buckingham Palace.

The Queen has hosted two previous State Visits from the Netherlands during her reign: the last State Visit from the Netherlands was by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix and Prince Claus of the Netherlands in November 1982.

In April 1972, Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard paid a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

The Queen and The Duke of Edinburgh paid a State Visit to Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands in March 1958.


As a volunteer I was on duty today, Sunday 01 July. From 01:00PM till 02:00PM there was an open rehearsal by a choir from Venlo (city in Limbourg, on river Meuse). Two recordings: an English carol and one of the Four Sacred Pieces by Giuseppe Verdi.



Party in honour of Peter Tönissen’s mother 80th birthday. On the program: a boat tour on the river Waal and afterwards a happy gathering in Peter & Marie’s enormous backyard.



27 June 2018 – training #11

As bus traffic in Nijmegen city and the regional network was completely down due to a general strike of the bus drivers, announced for three days, starting today, we had to take that in consideration choosing the itinerary for todays’ training.


Leg 1: Nimwegen (home) – Groesbeek – Seven Hills Road – Berg en Dal:

dep.: 07:58 / 14.68Km / 9.8M / 3h 02m / Coffe break

Leg 2: Berg en Dal – Hill of the Devil – Beek-Ubbergen:

dep: 11:31 / 5.97Km / 4M / 1h 18m / Lunch break

Leg 3: Beek-Ubbergen – Nimwegen (East) – WotW start/finish – home:

dep.: 13.50 / 7.21Km / 4.8M / 1h 35m

TOTAL: 27.86Km / 18.57M in 5h 55

However, the stepcounter reports only distances walked in 10m or more. The real day result is: 40.098 steps = 30.24Km / 20.16M (where 30Km / 20M is the daily distance to walk + 2 times 2.1Km for home – start-finish v.v..

The 40.098 steps are a new record!!!




Prince Harry sparks beard renaissance as sales of facial hair care products soar



At the bottom of the North Sea, the almost intact wreck of an American B-17 bomber from the Second World War was discovered. Human remains have also been found there.


The discovery was made during the construction of the high voltage cable link between Great Britain and the European mainland. The wreck is now being investigated and identified. Even if that research is already well advanced, VRT reports. During the soil investigation for the cable connection, the researchers collided on a piece of the aluminum wing and a part with a paddle wheel. There were part numbers on the sheet metal, which makes the identification of the wreck easier for the researchers. These numbers appear in the lists of parts of the B-17 bombers of the Americans.

‘Flying fortress’

After examining documents and consultation with the American government, it could be one of four aircraft of which to date one or more crew members are missing. If it is known which device is involved, a decision will be made about any storage thereof. In a B-17 there could be about 9 to 10 crew members. The aircraft – nicknamed ‘flying fort’ – could carry two to five tons of bombs. The heavy bomber was deployed en masse during the Second World War for attacks on German industry and cities. During the soil investigation, parts of other aircraft were also found, such as the wing of a German Messerschmitt fighter aircraft, the aluminum sheet metal of a British Spitfire, and a radial engine of an American aircraft of the Wright R-1820 type, the Flemish broadcaster reports.

War Grave

“We should mainly see this as a war grave that can solve missing people. From an archaeological point of view we do not learn a lot from this, “says Maritime Archaeologist Wouter Waldus,” The Second World War is so well documented that we already know a great deal. “It is especially important that this is handled with care and that any relatives are well informed. to become.”


The announcement of the discovery of the bomber follows almost a year after the discovery of an almost intact wreck of a German submarine from the First World War. That wreck was found at a depth of about 30 meters near the coast of Ostend.



HRH Princess Alexia’s birthday.

The second daughter of HM King Willem-Alexander and HM Queen Máxima will be 13 years old. HRH Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien, Princess of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau was born on June 26, 2005 in The Hague. On November 19th of that year she was baptized in the Village Church in Wassenaar. The princess is since last year at the Christian Gymnasium Sorghvliet in The Hague, just like her fourteen year old sister HRH Amalia. HRH Ariane (10), the youngest of the three sisters, visits the secondary school “Bloemcamp” in Wassenaar. HRH Alexia is the second in the line of succession to the throne. The princess loves horseback riding, hockey, singing and playing the guitar.

Student housing-NL/25

Our neighbors Friso and Tim announced about 6 weeks ago a Midsummer Party for June 23, 2018. The eventual noise nuisance would last till midnight. And after their promise, with their neighbor Luke at the side of the DJ, the party ended prompt at midnight. The whole gang went afterwards to the city center, to continue the party till 04:00AM.

Brexit & Airbus-UK/FR

Airbus accused of reigniting ‘Project Fear’ after issuing Brexit threat to pull out of UK

An Airbus SAS A380 super jumbo performs a flying display on day two of the 51st International Paris Air Show in Paris, France, on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Airbus has been accused of reigniting “Project Fear” for political reasons after the European planemaker threatened to pull out of the UK in the event of a “no deal” Brexit. The aerospace giant, which employs 14,000 people at 25 sites across the country, said it would “reconsider its investments in the UK, and its long-term footprint in the country” if Britain crashed out of the single market and customs union without a lengthy transition agreement. But Brexiteers said you “couldn’t have a more politically motivated threat than this” and suggested Airbus was seeking to pressure the Government into staying as close as possible to the EU in order to protect its own “narrow, vested brexit3interests”. Airbus set out its stance in a “risk assessment” published on its website in which it also called on the Government to extend the Brexit transition period which is currently due to run until December 2020 if a deal is agreed. It said the proposed transition was too short for the business to reorganise its supply chain and that if there was no extension it would “carefully monitor any new investments in the UK and refrain from extending the UK suppliers/partners base”. But Peter Bone, the leading Tory Brexiteer, said: “It is just another part of Project Fear. I have given up counting how many times people have said it will be the end of the world. They are not going to pull out. “They are just trying to put pressure on the British Government because they want us to continue to be a part of the European Union. You couldn’t have a more politically motivated threat than this and I don’t believe for one minute that Airbus would move from the UK.” Nigel Farage, former Ukip leader, said it was “hardly surprising Airbus are threatening us today when they’ve taken billions in EU funding” as he also questioned whether the company would pull out of the UK. He told Sky News: “Twenty years ago I heard car manufacturers saying if Britain didn’t join the euro they may well consider pulling out of Britain – Nissan, others like that. “We build the wings in this country. If they close down production it would take them at least two years to put that back in place somewhere in France or Germany. “Big business will always lobby for their interests, of course they will. I understand that.” Meanwhile, John Longworth, the co-chairman of the Leave Means Leave campaign group, said: “The latest scare story from Airbus screams of more Project Fear. “The French-run Airbus is a classic multi-national business that clearly doesn’t care about the UK as we embark on a new post-Brexit future, because it is intrinsically wrapped up in the EU and trying to undermine the UK Government’s negotiating position.” Tom Williams, the chief operating officer of Airbus Commercial Aircraft, told BBC Radio 4’s brToday programme the firm was “becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of clarity” over Brexit and “obviously time is running”. He said: “Now we have to come to the point where we have to make serious decisions. Quite often those decisions are long-term in nature and without clarity it’s too dangerous for us to proceed. “We’re talking about decisions in terms of safety stocks, buffer stocks of components, assuming that there will be chaos at the borders and that material won’t be moving freely. “We are talking about ‘do we invest in further capacity?’ And we are also talking about what will happen to components from suppliers to us and to airline customers, which today are certified under IATA rules and at the end of March next year those certifications will be invalid. Those components won’t be able to be fitted in aeroplanes.” Asked how soon decisions would have to be taken, Mr Williams said: “As we go through this summer, over the next weeks, we need to get clarity. We are already beginning to press the button on crisis actions. “The challenge of this is not a one-off decision. It will be a series of significant decisions that will accumulate as we go over the next couple of months.” He added: “When we look at the next generation of wings – which is called Wing of the Future – we are working on that today in the UK. Clearly now we are seriously considering whether we should continue that development or find alternative solutions.” Mr Williams insisted no political pressure had been put on Airbus to speak out. “I’m an engineer, not a politician,” he said. “I have to deal in certainty. We can’t continue with the current vacuum in terms of clarity.” The Airbus row comes after Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, warned the EU against an “ambition to force the location of business into the EU”.


11:15h GMT

In the event of a collision between two cars in the Groenestraat in Nimwegen, a vehicle crashed on Friday afternoon.


That the driver and his companion in the black car survived the crash is hard to believe. The driver had only a small injury on his forehead, the person next to him had nothing! We just passed by on our way for training for the marches.

Three police cars, a fire truck and an ambulance arrived within moments. The street was obstructed for a long time, as the police was investigating the collision.

Anwar’s column-NL/24

The concerns these children had in Syria are not over here

Children who come to the Netherlands from Syria or another war country, alas!, what do I have to do with them. I have had a happy childhood. The problems in my homeland only came to me when I was already grown up. I knew what was going on with our country and took the decision to flee. Children from a war country have experienced the tension and problems in their native country. They did not have a carefree time behind them. Arriving in the Netherlands does not interrupt that carefree time for them either. Soon they speak better Dutch than their parents. That’s why they have to go with their parents to the doctor, to the dentist and the municipality. They play as a translator.

The start-up in the Netherlands goes by trial and error in all refugee families. The children who translate remember every event. They read in a letter that their parents have not paid an invoice or hear from the doctor that their father or mother is ill. They take a phone call in which their parents are rejected for a job, or have failed a language exam. Setbacks that children can not overlook. Setbacks that my parents used to have, but did not share with me. I often think of the generation of Syrian children who have accompanied their parents to the Netherlands in recent years. The concerns they had in Syria or another war country are not over for them. Nevertheless, I think that it will give something to both them and the Netherlands. Boys and girls with a lot of life experience. A generation that employers do not have to ask about in the future: do you have experience?

The base

“No, I can not meet tomorrow, because I’m going to a psychologist,” a friend said to me. What an openness you sometimes encounter here. He was not ashamed. Others who heard the conversation did not look strange either. In Syria we see people who go to a psychologist as crazy. We have a special hospital for them. Sometimes when I’m on the train, the train stops because someone has jumped on the track. There are many people in the Netherlands who do not feel well. They use medicines for it, go to a psychologist or commit suicide.
I think I understand how that is possible. In Syria you work every day at the base of your life. You do your best to be safe, get food on the table or buy a house. Is your washing machine broken? Then you save for six months until you can buy one. In the Netherlands you are safe, there is always food, for everyone a house and after one salary you buy a washing machine. You can work, but if you do not work, you also get money. I think people can therefore feel that they are extra in this life. Nobody is needed here. You do not have to work hard to maintain yourself. If I later have a wife or children, the government will take care of them more than I do. I sometimes find it difficult to be happy in the Netherlands, because I do not know what happiness is here. What does my life expect now that I have the basis? Now that my life goal does not consist in obtaining safety, money and a house? I study, I do volunteer work, I make friends and learn Dutch, but feeling useful in a country that already has everything remains difficult.

“Hold up my hand to my wife after 25 years of marriage?”

I was at home with a classmate and drank tea with her mother. She was happy, the mother said, because on Saturday she was married for 25 years. There will be a big party, with family, friends and colleagues. The Dutch do that. They continue to celebrate, even when they are old. With 50 years an Abraham at the door, with 40 years of marriage another great party. In Syria, we say in such a case: “They should respect their age.” “Giving a party or letting you go is no longer appropriate from the moment you get older. “Those people are not ashamed of anything,” we would say about them. That starts soon, because people aged 50 and over are seen as old. As if they only have a few years to live.

A Syrian friend of mine of 20 years will soon have a brother. He is not happy, but is ashamed of his parents. At that age, and then still have a child … I like that old people can also party here and behave as they want. “Congratulations!”, They say to a pregnant woman of 43. “Nice that you still have a baby!” I like to participate in the Dutch way. I want to keep celebrating. When I just wondered how Dutch men can give so many parties in their lives, a Dutch friend said, “Women pay for this too.” I could not. After 25 years of marriage, I hold up my hand to my wife to give her a party. That will not happen. Merging cultural aspects of the Netherlands and Syria is fine. A disadvantage: it costs me a lot of money.


I was lying in the sun, near a swimming pool. I heard a father talking to his son. He said: ,, I hope you will become in the future something you like”. He made me smile. It is nice that fathers and mothers in the Netherlands think that is important.

I am used to always being told that you have to become something that you gives you pots of money. Doctor, engineer or IT professional. It is not for nothing that you have so many doctors in some Syrian streets, that you have to look for an accident to find the one you have an appointment with. All children who once heard from their parents: “You must become a doctor”. If you are now wondering whether there is work for so many doctors in Syria: yes, there is. We like to go to the doctor. We do not want pain, but just medicines that take away our pain.

The father at the pool was talking about something else, but I was still thinking about his remark. If his son likes to dance, does he like it when he becomes a dancer? In the Netherlands, not all fathers and mothers assume that their children will be happy with money. That is why they do not send their children in that special direction, when they have to choose an education.

“You should become an actor”, I hear my whole life. That was not serious advice, they would have looked mad in Syria if I had really done it. In the Netherlands it is not surprising, but here I do not speak the language sufficiently for the drama training. So, I remain dreaming, along the side of the pool. About a Dutch film with a Syrian protagonist. Then I shall convince everyone. Have a bet?

‘Dutch people love drama on their desks’

When I’m at the Gelderlander, I see cuddly toys on the table, a football, food, papers, everything. When I ask, ‘can I have a screwdriver?’ someone picks it is so off his desk. I often wonder why that is. Do people want to show their boss that they are busy? A Syrian office is always tight. Only the necessary is arranged in an office. It would be crazy to put a pink stuffed dog on your desk, because you will be so happy. Or a football, so that you can occasionally kick a ball on the work floor.
Also at the text office where my girlfriend works, it’s a mess. I offered to clean it up there. I do not need money for it. Just one Saturday on which I organize everything clearly. “No, we do not want that,” my friend said. ,,We feel happy in this way.”
Dutch people quickly feel happy and at ease. I was once asked to have dinner with Dutch people, who still had to cook at the time I came. “Hello Anwar!” they said happy. ‘Nice to have you here’. They grabbed a few knives and cut vegetables. I did not know what to do. Help out? Wait in silence in the room? Come back later? I kept wondering if I had remembered the time of the appointment.
Dutch people also invite you to their home, and do not clean up in advance. I was with a friend, who had to pick up all his clothes and belongings from the couch. ‘Look, sit down,’ he said afterwards. When I walked home I had an ass full of dog hairs. Apparently I had been seated in his place.
When I get guests, from now on I will say at the door: come in! Do you first take off your clothes for your and my hygiene?